Why is Trump running against Obama?


Donald Trump seems keen to run against Barack Obama for the presidency in 2020. Somehow those surrounding him seem to think this is a good idea despite Obama’s persistent popularity among both liberals and independents.

Not to mention his ability to speak in complete sentences.

Trump is arguing against the bad old days of the Obama administration, with its record domestic oil production, growing economy, two wars winding down, and expansion of minority rights. The horror.

Obama is a bigger foil for Trump than Biden. Biden is too middle-of-the-road both politically and personally. He’s ultimately non-controversial despite the attempts to hit him with charges of sexual assault. His biggest weakness is being heavily gaffe-prone and shooting from the hip, both characteristics possessed and regularly demonstrated by the current president.

On the sexual assault front, Trump has to be careful alligations considering his past behavior. Access Hollywood tapes notwithstanding, Trump has a laundry list of allegations of improper behavior and regularly demonstrates downright misogynistic tendencies.

While it is true Obama has started to break presidential norms regarding criticizing a sitting president. Until now, it simply wasn’t done or if it was it was done in private circles and events. However, our current president invites and even provokes this criticism by imploring the Senate to subpoena Obama and implying that limitless crimes were perpetuated under Obama’s watch.

If there was a “there” there why hasn’t any Obama administration officials including Hillary Clinton, been arrested? The answer is simple: It’s far easier to play for ratings on prime time opinion shows, reinforce the far-right base, appeal to economic fears, and ultimately attempt to stoke and ferment racial discord.

The Trump campaign will continue doing anything to prevent running against joe Biden directly. Trump’s typical attack style has a distinct possibility of reflecting accusation back on himself with regards to age, or impropriety. Biden is essentially a blank slate and self-admitted seat warmer, hard to run against water.

Biden has a lot of room on his left and right flank with the extreme positions on trade and an uncompromising senate, unity works during a national crisis. Trump is Trump and America has a way of falling out of love with celebrities. If Biden can position himself as the calm adult in the room and appeal to Trump-weary independents and actual conservatives looking for some return to normality he may be able to accelerate the end of our collective American reality show.


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