Who is Mayor Pete?


Depending on who you talk to Mayor Pete is either the next best man up in politics (the man who will change the future for the better) or he is an unqualified small-town mayor who is not ready for the biggest job in the world. There is a third type of person though, in this scenario, that is the person who just has no idea who Mayor Pete is or what he stands for. Unless you are paying very close attention you won’t be able to figure out who Pete really is.

He has positioned himself as the young vibrant and elegant alternative to the wave of “progressive” candidates that have filled up this upcoming race. Keep in mind I use the word progressive pretty loosely here given that most of the far left-leaning candidates are pushing a socialist agenda that is old as the democratic party. Yet here we are with a real surge in popularity of the extreme side of the party pushing into a bigger stage day by day. Most moderates don’t have any real candidate to look towards or to throw support at. With Mayor Pete entering the race it now gives some slight hope to anyone in the party looking for a middle alternative.

It is important to know that Mayor Pete is not actually a moderate, he by most means of measurement is a staunch leftist, but his business tolerance and ability to reference his military service and Harvard pedigree gives him some cards up his sleeve. But it is not like he does not have a surprising past, he is one of the first openly gay people to have a real shot at a major party nomination and as much as a positive that is, it seems that for some people it is a negative but not for the reasons you think. The rumblings have already started that he might not be “gay enough” or that he is seemingly the “wrong kind of gay” sadly this is the state of politics and culture now in America.

While his ability to communicate is seemingly excellent it is going to be a very interesting year as the field for the democrats keeps growing it will be a tough ride for many to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Mayor Pete should excel at being different and clearly communicating, the bigger question is what will people think of him in terms of likability and will they be convinced he can handle the job.


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I graduated from UC Berkley in 2008 and ever since I have been lobbying for the government to do more to help the less fortunate. I will continue to stand up for the middle and lower class in America every way I can. My cat and me currently live in DC and I love it.

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