The Rise of Prager U


It is refreshing to me that I know people (albeit questionable people at times) are out there working on alternative viewpoints teaching videos that help explain basic issues to people who may have never heard a conservative viewpoint. For years the Left has dominated education and has claimed the high ground when it comes to academia and fame. The Left has consistently put Hollywood to work for their own agenda-pushing narratives and it has in many ways worked (especially on the young). But with the rise of Prager University, there is a new alternative teaching method leveraging the power of short educational videos.

There is little doubt that the way media has been moving over the past few years that short, informative, and interesting is a great recipe for success when it comes to online video media. If you add compelling and relevant to that mix and you have yourself a real contender for eye-catching content. Like it or not, that is exactly what Prager U has created over the last few years. They have made hundreds of informative videos starring some of the most prominent conservative and or controversial presenters they could find and have then explain some of the most talked and argued about subjects of the current time.

Dennis Prager is not someone who is liked by the left, he has been a media figure in conservative politics for nearly 30 plus years on the radio and now more so as a figurehead for his small but very much so growing media company. He has found a powerful means of communicating and sharing his political and sometimes religious beliefs. He has been so effective that even the Left is concerned with his growing voice and what many consider to be false teachings. This is a normal take from the left, anything that seems to differ from their special and sometimes very specific beliefs is just not acceptable to hold a differing opinion.

The rise of Prager and his band of powerful talking heads he has assembled is a clear winner and likely only will keep gaining steam as long as the content is continued to be pumped out. The real question now is there anyone or any organization that could even threaten Prager U for the top spot in the future? I doubt it.


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