Stacey Abrams needs to go away


I’m not sure I know of a person who has ascended to the heights of media darling with as doing as little as Stacey Abrams has done. The single most noteworthy thing in her career is that she lost the Georgia race for governor in 2018 and refused to admit it. I fully understand that she has served in the state legislature for over a decade in Georgia. However, it just is not a seriously unique position for someone to hold. She has had a few memorable things happen to her in her career but nothing that makes her anything more than a local story and local face.

As you know she ignored the final results of the election she lost, and to this day still claims that she was robbed and the sitting governor is not the legitimate winner. The crux of her argument is the fact that her opponent Brian Kemp was serving as the Secretary of State during the election that he ran for governor in. Abuse of power is asserted by her and all of her staff still over two years later. The narrative she continues to float and push is that Kemp disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters committing election fraud while doing so. Only one issue with her statements though, she has stated clearly that she holds no evidence to prove any part of the allegations she even continues to make.

As she lobbies the presumptive Democratic nominee to be the choice of his campaign to be Bidens VP running mate she is pushing for more and more airtime and the media is giving it to her. Biden is not with his own controversy at the moment he is fighting a claim from past sexual harassment claim back from the early nineties. Biden has indeed backed himself into a corner making statements early in the year that he would definitely pick a running mate that is a woman. Abrams is trying to sneak into the lead position even though she is woefully unqualified.

Abrams has started many nonprofits over the last two years that focus on voter registration across the country. She also has a small business that sells baby products. It is not inconceivable that she cant grow into a qualified person, but i would suggest becoming famous for something other than losing a state gubernatorial election and then complaining about it for the next two years.


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