Should Hillary Run Again?


So many people are looking for the next great candidate for president in 2020 even though it is far off I continue to hear people talking about the concept that Hillary Clinton should run again and this time get it right. The idea and question is a fair one for many people, especially those who think that her campaign is the reason why they lost and or the genuine second chance at being able to say on stage to the American voters “see i told you so” when it comes to his policy failures and general enshrinement of negative and downright questionable actions.

But is just the idea that many people think that she should have a second shot enough to justify the risk that her being the Democratic nominee would pose? We need to be honest and evaluate the things we can measure and the things we know. Hillary lost. I thik a lot of people miss the biggest point that even though they might of thought she was an ideal candidate, many others clearly did not feel that way. If they did they would have voted for her and she would of won.

Some of the fears of another run from Hillary are easy to see. She did not effectively energize her base and is not liked enough to manage to pull excitement from younger generations. That reality combined with the fact that she is likely too old and has questionable health moving forward to withstand the rigorous campaign trail that entails running for president. So with her stamina being called into question, we have to admit the mounting risks to her putting another run on for president.

The question is easy to pontificate about but hard to measure what she will think. Ultimately this is not up to us or even the major DNC power players if Hillary wants to make one more go of it im sure she will be able to drum up enough support to make a legit run at the nomination. Will she want to? Is she willing to make all the sacrifices to go through that all again to yet again lose? I doubt it, but if I’ve learned one thing about the Clintons over the years, it is that they love to be at the center of attention.


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