On picking a predator for a President


Full disclosure I’m pretty squishy, in real life and politically. My lack of firm beliefs and morals, while appalling to the more principled among us, has always been a strength. Being moldable and open to ideas that aren’t mine has led me down a path of general agreeability with most that I meet, and the tendency to find a well-informed path forward in my life. Like most of us, I have conservative friends, liberal friends, and “those” friends that tend to occupy the extreme edges of the spectrum. I’ve never felt the need to self insulate or pick sides. I voted for George Bush, then Barack Obama and with a lot of reservations, I voted for Hillary Clinton.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat, I know this because I’m about to do it again.

Any (honest) Trump supporter will tell you that he is an instrument, imperfect, blunt, unmanageable, but a proverbial means to an end. He doesn’t really mean what he says, it’s about his actions. It’s about the judges, it’s about rolling back regulations. He’s the imperfect vessel that furthers the goals of what conservatives supposedly believe in. It really doesn’t matter that he treats women with contempt, brags about sexual assault, has several sexual assault allegations against him, or that he hung out with the Clintons and Epstein. It’s all dismissed because he’s their guy, he owns the libs, and most of all he’s not that shrill bat beast named Hillary.

Any (honest) Joe Biden supporter will tell you he’s a bit wiley, likes to go off-book, forgets some stuff quite often, but most of all, he’s VERY affectionate with the ladies. A verified hair sniffer, Biden now stands accused of the same predatory behavior as our current President. If we are now living and dying (literally) by the Trump standard, we’re free to ignore the warts of the opposition candidate. Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court judge, Trump is president, Joe can grope and whisper his way right into the oval for all I care. Trump is that bad.

After the inauguration, we all thought “well maybe the grown-ups in the room can keep things somewhat sane”. Trump threw the grownups out pretty quickly, and the lunatics have had the asylum long enough for it to resemble Arkham. If Joe promises Obama lite and keeps the seat warm until somebody who isn’t suffering dementia and a case of the grabbies comes along, I’m okay with that. I’d rather it be his set of grown-ups than Trump’s clown car of twitter informed media personalities.

Donald Trump is such a disaster I simply don’t care if Joe Biden sexually assaulted somebody or not. He has my vote.

So maybe I do have a core principle, honesty.


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Ive been following and writing on politics for nearly 20 years. I have consistently backed both major parties at different times in my life and more than occasionally I vote for independents. I will never tell you that your votes don't matter, even if you tell me your voting thrid party.

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