Is Kavanaugh being treated fairly?


The multiple allegations against Brett Kavanaugh have swept the nation in conversation with the subject of all things Kavanaugh. The conversation topics are largely shaped by your standing opinion of political positions (ie this means that most people are rooting for their “side” to win the day regardless of what is true or not). It is not new for America for the majority to be heavily divided on politics given the amount of genuine discord in the last few years. The supreme court seats are so coveted and viewed as so critical that a lot of people recognize the importance and are clearly willing to take any steps to make it difficult for Kavanaugh to be confirmed.

Mitch McConnell making sure that the Senate did not even vote on Obama’s Supreme court nominee for the last 8 months of the Obama presidency is clearly coming into play. Many people across the country are still referring to Neil Gorsuch as a “stolen” court seat. The mere fact that people play politics with judges that are supposed to be impartial and not be a political weapon or tool is a clear indication of the times we are in. Everything has become hyper-politicized regardless if it should be or not. Trump winning the presidency while losing the popular vote is also being brought up as if his nominees are not valid due to this fact.

Now does this sound like a situation and or environment that would yield fair treatment for any nominee that Trump chose? Basically you would have to be completely nieve to believe that Kavanaugh is being treated impartially and fairly. Politics are motivating nearly all of the attacks against him and because of that fact it makes any of the legitimate issues with Kavanaugh look less serious due to the outrageous attacks drowning out any of the actual concerns.

Im nearly certain he will be confirmed but the allegations are serious and need to be considered by all parties involved. It should not matter if the allegations are 30 years old or 30 days the time factor should not matter, but so does evidence and in this country, you are supposed to be assumed innocent before proven guilty. That is not something Kavanaugh has been extended in any manner, and really the media have printed and alleged that he is guilty and needs to prove his innocence. Let’s hope that this trend changes sometime soon, I would hate to be considered for the highest court in the land next.


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