Is America ready for Socialism?


Bernie Sanders a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” is the seemingly only threat to stopping Joe Biden from running away with the nomination for 2020. As Bernie carried real support in his 2016 campaign and there is still plenty of evidence that suggests he still has a large base of support in the democratic party, what some might even call the future of the democratic party (more liberal, more radical, and far less willing to compromise). His base has proven to be a problem for Biden and the message is a clear contrasting difference between Biden middle of the road campaign and Bernies left of the left message.

As the Primaries come closer we have to wonder what will this nomination mean for the whole of America? Every four years the road to the presidency is always pitched as the most important election of our lifetime, and here we are this election is no different. But as someone who sees socialism gaining ground, you have to start to ask yourself if this is the year that ushers in a new political movement that sticks. And if you had to pick a movement that has the most momentum right now it is unquestionably the Bernie supporters that are in the lead in terms of felt impact. So is socialism the next major political shift?

If i was forced to pick a movement that will gain the most ground over the next decade the only logical choice would be the socialist and extreme left. The reason is simple, it is an easier sell for gaining followers if your pitch is one that blames the big bad billionaires and paints a picture of clear skies and deeper pockets for the working man. See as the democrats continue to try to pitch themselves and ideas as new and progressive, the reality is that the idea of wealth redistribution and populist control is nothing new it is actually in many ways regressive.

So as more fringe support is gathered for socialism and it becomes more mainstream, the question is if the American general populous are ready and willing to accept socialism. I believe that as the baby boomers continue to age the stigma against socialism will likely dissipate but until then, the name alone incites real reaction in most people, and that reaction is not a positive one. It is my belief that we have at least another decade for a full buy-in situation for most Americans being sold on socialism.


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