Harvard Attacks Homeschooling


Harvard has just released a study talking about the dangers of homeschooling and how authoritarian parents having unchecked teaching time with their kids is a threat to society. The backlash and response from the homeschool community have been swift and caused some serious issues with the publishing Harvard professor. Harvard themselves have even taken to defend their own all while doing a bit of damage control.

So it’s 2020 and the Covid 19 reality is at hand and the fear of many is that with school being put out of session and it is up to the parents to teach their own children. Many parents have even expressed concern with this and even some serious fear given they do not believe they have the time or potentially the needed skills to adequately teach their own children. But the professor’s worries go far deeper than that of fear of inadequate knowledge, He asserts that kids are at greater risk of being indoctrinated and “feed” authoritarian lies.

Ultimately this is a control issue, focused clearly on the distinct belief that many people can’t govern themselves so how could they teach their own children? Also, a clear fear is the passing on of what he deems as “misinformation” to their own kids. Academics like him have been making statements like this for years, so in reality, this is nothing new. This article serves as confirmation for a long assumed and long suspected thought, which is the idea that knowledge and wisdom is something that the major universities have a monopoly on and that we the people need them to help us lowly uneducated and non-tenured individuals see the light.

The article fails to mention all the positives of homeschooling and seemingly misses the point entirely as to what education is in the first place. Public education is not some beaming light of hope in terms of effectively teaching children. Studies over the last few years have shown that High school graduates on average upwards of 30% cannot effectively write an opinion paper with passing grammar. This is not just some failure that should be looked by and thought little of, it is a keystone piece of evidence that shows public education is clearly missing the basics when it comes to education.

Harvard may believe that Homeschooling is something to be feared, but anyone who believes in individual liberty knows that when people take an active roll in their child’s education the child almost always performs better. So why would homeschooling be any different?


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