Replies to the Thin Blue Line Conservatives


Dear Conservatives,

I’m sorry you just woke up from your “police are just doing their jobs” fever dream to realize the police….are just doing their jobs. I know it’s much more comfortable when they’re unfairly targeting minorities via draconian stop and frisk activities, or maybe just shooting unarmed black guys in the back occasionally. All is fair when it’s THEM right?

“They shouldn’t have broken the law” You say

“Which law?” I ask

“Oh, that one where you do what the cops say and you don’t get shot. It’s sorta unwritten but for sure a law”

Well, guys, City and State ordinances are also the law. So why is it that the cops enforcing them is suddenly such a problem? Aren’t they only defense we have against gangs of illegal immigrants setting up human trafficking and drug operations in our suburban schools?

I have no sympathy for Shelly Luther in Texas, she flaunted a legal order that was also in the end enforced legally. She was then sentenced using the prescribed punishment and suddenly we’re up in arms about police and judicial overreach. Shelly tried the “I stole bread because I was starving” excuse and dared the law to stop her. Well, it did. If she was a minority doing hair braids, I dare you to say that your position wouldn’t be different.

Am I saying you’re a hypocrite? Yes

Am I implying that your position on the police changes depending on the race of the parties involved? Yup, sure am

The bottom line here is the cops have not, and will never be your friend. Even when they’re arresting people you don’t like. Cheerleading bad enforcement to further your political ends only serves to erode the trust in our public institutions like the police. It is not up to the cops to determine if the laws our elected officials put into place are just. Expecting them to be arbiters of good law and bad puts them in the most impossible of positions when it comes to executing their duties. Courts and due process determine the legality and enforceability of laws, not a couple of good old patriots who happen to have a badge.

Conservatives, if you’re really about law and order, maybe start acting like it once and a while, especially when “your guy” ends up on the wrong side of it.


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