A Call for Civil Disobedience but not violence


What if I told you that both cops killing people and riots were bad?  Truth is not mutually exclusive (even though it seems people think it is nowadays).  Two things can be true at the same time and not everything is diametrically opposed. Sorry if that offends you but if it does you should seriously consider taking a logic course and reevaluate the control you give your emotions over your life. 

After all of the media coverage of what has and is currently taking place in Minneapolis, it’s clear to see how deeply rooted policing issues still are tearing at the core of the American way of life. It is my hope that this article will inspire people to stand up and at least talk more about police treatment and power in this country, and maybe even get some people to fully commit to acts of Civil disobedience, but in no way am I encouraging violence.

We as a country need to stand up for our collective rights and protest until real change occurs. With that said however violence is something that when we as humans are angry we feed into and sometimes commit very acts that we are protesting about.  The old adage that two wrongs don’t make a right can and should be used here. If violence isn’t the means of producing real change what should be done by regular people? 

If you are looking to make a difference we need to cause issues with the right institutions and people.  We should be causing headaches of consistent inconveniences for our leaders and the police for the foreseeable future.  Blocking doorways, parking spots private access roads of capitol hill, we need to march in our towns and rally in front of police departments and make sure that when the police are on duty that they serve US the community and that every cop has a duty to uphold the law and stop violence and overreach when a fellow officer is stepping out of line. To be clear riots that attack private businesses only hurt individuals (those who are employed there) and the surrounding community, and the negative effects can take years to repair.  

Regardless it is time to recognize that police violence across the board needs to stop in this country.  It seems to happen every other day to different victims all over the US, and we can unite and remind the government that they serve at our behalf, and law enforcers aren’t above the law.


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