Why you should vote for Justin Amash


At the time of this article, the nomination selection process for the libertarian party has not been completed and is still very much in doubt as to who will secure the nomination. But if popularity and power have anything to do with it Justin Amash is likely to get receive the nom, and for the purpose of this article let’s just assume he does get it.  The first question by many will likely be, “who is Justin Amash?” And that is a tough question to answer, he has been a Michigan Congressman since 2011 and been a republican for nearly all of that time while serving in the house as he still does today. He carries a conservative voting record and has long been thought of as one of the more liberty focused mainstream voices in congress.

So why does he matter now? Why does a guy who can’t win the presidency get your precious vote? The first is an easy answer, Amash is the highest-profile libertarian to ever legitimately seek the nomination and his record and ability to communicate effectively with compelling arguments is nothing short of impressive. Secondly, the guy is put together better than any other candidate seeking the presidency (and yes I mean any and all other candidates). He has the temperament, composure, and experience necessary to be worthy of the position, and sadly that is a rare thing for candidates in this day and age.

For years now America has been in an unending carousel of red jersey blue jersey power struggles that have now landed us with two of the worst candidates on each party’s ballot I can ever recall. Biden is a career politician that actually ran for president over 30 years ago and now is finally going to receive his party’s nom (even while displaying a massive amount of signs of mental degradation issues). How did he get the nom you ask? Not for any other reason than that he was less of a socialist than most other candidates and is “best friends” with Obama. Now as for Trump, the guy is a train wreck of emotions and none of them are positive; envy, anger, spite, false confidence, forwardness, and complete lack of composure to name a few.  Trump was an outsider his first go around, but now his lack of experience and the endless scandals put Trump into a historical category of his own (not in a good way). 

So you are sitting there reading this thinking that you have to choose between two unqualified old dudes who don’t deserve your vote, I have an idea for you. Don’t vote for them, vote for someone who deserves it. Yes casting your vote for Amash likely means you won’t be able to say that “your guy won” but you will be able to sleep at night knowing you voted for a principled, smart, and qualified leader instead. 


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