Joe Biden – The next president of the United States


With almost all news outlets calling Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, Biden now secures the needed 270 electoral college votes to become the next president.  As of this writing Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska have not been called.  However since Biden reached 270 , his path to the presidency is now secured.  Although Donald Trump promises to fight the election results, the presidency seems secured for Joe Biden.  The last one term president who did not win reelection was George H.W. Bush, Trump joins a list of nine other presidents who were not reelected.  

Joe Biden’s vice president pick Kamela Harris, will become the first african american and woman to be elected.  This is great progress as our nation becomes more diverse and ends a long history of men as the vice president.

Joe Biden is expected to promote unity and coming together as a nation in his acceptance speech.  His presidency will begin in the middle of an ongoing pandemic and many Americans who have uncertain financial futures.  Trump and his fellow Republicans were quickly able to confirm Amy Coney Barret as the Supreme Court Justice to replace the long serving Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  This will leave a Trump legacy for many years to come as the Supreme Court serves life sentences.

While democrats will control both the Presidency and House, it is expected that the Senate remains in control of the republicans.  This will cause the two parties to have to work together to get new legislature through the senate and to push Biden’s platform that he has run on.  This will likely create a lot of compromises as bills and budgets become law.  

We expect a lot of fireworks in the coming weeks from Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but expect the nation will come together after this contentious election and continue to focus on the well being of the nation. 

How do you see the coming weeks shaping up as the transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden begins to take place? Do you think we will see both sides cooperate? Or will we see each side attempt to side step the other? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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