Democrats Worried about Economic Resurgence


For months now Coronavirus and the lockdown surrounding it have been used as a political tool and as a means to try to shape the 2020 election.  It would stand to reason that in this hyper-political world we live in that something like this would instantly become a political issue and used as a means to transfer or sway power in Washington. Now that the lockdown is being lifted across much of the country there is a growing fear by upper-level Democrats that a surging economy could sway people back to Trump come November. 

The examiner reported days ago that a former advisor to the Obama Administration and a trusted advisor of the Biden campaign was quoted “this is my big worry” (referring to the resurgence of jobs and economic growth). There are many people who have already run the math on what kind of economic growth numbers will likely come when the lockdown is lifted in all states. We could easily see the strongest and quickest recovery in the history of this country.  With nearly 40 million being furloughed or layed-off it stands to reason a huge number of those people will be back to work well before the election in November.

The art of playing politics has become far less subversive and severely more direct and to the point. In this case, it is not hard to see how higher-ups at the DNC who would trade 40 million jobs for four years of the white house but even writing that it gives me a slight feeling of disgust because I believe it.  The hate for Trump is so visceral and so real that they would happily have working people pay the price if it means getting Biden elected.  I don’t know how we got here, but there is little doubt in my mind that the ends justify the means in their heads here. 

The next question that needs to be asked is if the lockdown extension arguments were about the safety of the populous or political power play?  I would guess that people want both outcomes, it is sad that we have come here but as we push closer to the election and a political resurgence I would assume that it gives democrats less ammo to claim Trump isn’t fit for office and more reinforcement for Trump claiming he is the only person who could deliver on the economy like this.


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